5 Reasons to Consider Downsizing Your Next Trade Show Booth

Posted by Tom Hand on Apr 28, 2016 7:30:00 AM in Trade Show Marketing


Not so long ago, huge custom booths were the sign of corporate success. A 60 X 60 space complete with trendy furniture, a café and an entertainment act on the hour told everyone that your company was an important leader in the market - a force to be reckoned with. Although somewhere inside, many of us have a love for the dramatic, the need to demonstrate favorable ROI and to spread marketing budgets in many new directions has led some of the smartest companies to downsize booths at least at some shows.

Although trade show investments and corresponding ROI need to be calculated for each show you participate in, the following are five reasons to consider downsizing your next trade show booth.

Free Budget for Experimentation

Marketing budgets fund a wider range of marketing activities than ever before, including both online and offline efforts. In addition, many industries now have a greater number of smaller, niche trade show and conference events. Downsizing your booth at one show can free budget to experiment with new events. Or, downsizing your booth might allow you to launch the social media program that has been on hold awaiting funds.

Show Attendance Is Down

Shows across many industries now have significantly lower attendance. This does not mean the show is unimportant and that you should not participate. Rather, lower attendance may simply be a result of merger and acquisition activity resulting in fewer professionals within the market. Also, many organizations operate more leanly than before making it difficult for professionals and other senior executives to attend events. If you are likely to host fewer visitors at your booth, you can probably downsize.

Pre-Show Marketing

All too often, exhibitors scrape together every penny of budget to fund the biggest booth possible. With the entire event budget sunk into the cost of the booth itself, no funds remain for pre-show marketing. A study conducted by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research found that approximately 70% of show attendees create a list of companies to visit before arriving on the trade show floor. Additionally, their research found that the conversion of booth visitors to qualified leads increased 50% when a pre-show promotional program was implemented. Spending on the booth space and the booth itself should never be so great as to force you to eliminate pre-show marketing.

Host or Sponsor a Non-Booth Event

Your booth at the trade show is critically important, but there are a lot of opportunities outside of your booth. Maybe downsizing your booth creates budget to host a breakfast workshop, sponsor a cocktail party or treat a larger group of prospective customers to dinner at the local hot spot.

Conflicting Trade Shows

Unfortunately, sometimes you will face conflicting events requiring you to downsize your booth for at least one of the events. Or, maybe you will need to downsize your booth for both events to accommodate your budget.

The take away here is downsizing can be a strategic move that keeps you at the trade show and increases ROI. Display manufacturers know this. The array of smaller, versatile backdrops, counters, shelving and kiosks is growing by leaps and bounds. And remember, good things come in small packages. Don't be afraid to be the great small package on the trade show floor.

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