Creating "Calls-to-Actions" to Drive Prospects to Your Trade Show Booth

Posted by Tom Hand on Jun 16, 2016 7:30:00 AM in Trade Show Success

Ret_BlogImage-11-CTA.pngTrade shows are great opportunities to get the word out about your company's products or services. With the right degree of planning and effort, participation in trade shows can be well worth the marketing dollars spent. This said, trade shows can also be overwhelming to visitors who are bombarded with visual, auditory and other stimuli from the moment they walk in the door.

Most attendees go to an event because they have a genuine interest in the products and services offered. Exhibitors face stiff competition for the attendees' time and attention. Booths, dsiplays, brochures, swag, it's all designed to evoke a response or call-to-action.

Effective calls-to-action don't just happen. Like the rest of your trade show presentation, effective calls-to-action are carefully planned.

What is a Trade Show Call-to-Action?

A call-to-action is the offer that prompts prospective customers to stop and perform an action that will help them to better understand the solutions you provide, while at the same time becoming a lead for your company. At the most basic (and least effective) level, a call-to-action could be a sign-up sheet for email updates. A far more effective approach is to spend some time creating a call-to-action that allows visitors to learn about your solutions, one they'll remember after they leave the show.

Example Call-to-Action

Consider acompany selling a handheld scanner that scans receipts, business cards and other printed material. Offering free demonstrations at the show would be a powerful call-to-action. Booth staff can offer to scan business cards for attendees who visit their booth, then email the files directly to the prospects.

This type of demonstration not only gives the company a chance to gather email contacts, it provides potential customers with the value of having their business cards scanned and emailed to them, which serves as a reminder of the company and the products offered. Most importantly, it allows prospective customers to better understand your products and solutions.

The call-to-action, stop at our booth and we will create electronic files of your business cards, could be communicated via signs within the trade show booth, a promotional piece, pre-show promotion, social media and other creative means.

4 Tips for Creating Successful Trade Show Calls-to-Actions

1. Make it Interesting and Compelling

Your target customers will only find the offer interesting and compelling if it speaks to their needs or concerns. Create your offers with your prospective customers' needs and interests in mind.

2. Communicate the Offer Clearly

You will likely need an assortment of communication mediums to effectively communicate the offer, including: at-show booth signage, promotional materials, email campaigns, social media and any other means you can think of. Also, make it very clear what you are asking the customer to do and what they will get when they do convert on the offer.

3. Communicate Your Call-To-Action Before the Show

Communicate your call-to-action via email campaigns, social media, advertising, direct mail and any other appropriate mechanisms to generate interest before the show and to make sure your company is on the "must visit" list of as many attendees as possible.

4. Craft In-Booth Excitement

What can you do to generate in-booth excitement for your call-to-action? Dynamic signage is a must, but is there anything else? Maybe present your call-to-action as a game or use dynamic interactive technology.

Developing a strong call-to-action is necessary for attracting and gathering lead information for as many prospective customers as possible over the course of a trade show. By thinking of the needs of potential customers, it is possible to create a valuable call-to-action, increase the understanding of your company's products and to stake out a claim in the memory of attendees who will be overwhelmed with many marketing messages.

Speaking of call-to-actions, we want to hear from you! Share your trade show successes and challenges in the comments. If you need specific help with booth design, display selection or trade show planning of any sort, contact our experts: 888-777-0223 or visit our website:

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